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About PPFAS Asset Management

Parag Parikh Financial Advising Services Pvt. Ltd. (PPFAS Ltd.), a specialized financial advisory business founded in 1992, has promoted PPFAS Asset Management (PPFAS AMC). One of SEBI's first registered portfolio management service (PMS) providers in India is PPFAS Ltd.

While many claims to be long-term-oriented, we go beyond merely saying it. The "Law of the Farm," which asserts that everything has its own time and that rushing the process will be detrimental, serves as our moral compass. Our comparatively extended holding times reflect this.

The process of investing shouldn't be challenging. We thus aim for simplicity in the architecture of our schemes, the investment procedure, and our operations. Despite the fact that investing includes people, we place more value on the investment process than on individual investors.

We have to continuously remind ourselves that managing funds is a profession, not just a business. So, we never forget that we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We also believe that informed investors are more powerful, and we work to foster this empowerment via clear yet powerful communication.

Fund Snapshot

Fund Type: ELSS / Equity Tax Saver Fund
Inception Date: May 11, 2018
Fund Manager Name: Mr. Raj Mehta
Month End Expense Ratio for Regular Plan: 0.26%
Month End Expense Ratio for Direct Plan: 0.16%
Tier 1 Benchmark Index: CRISIL Liquid Fund AI Index
Additional Benchmark: CRISIL 1 Year T-Bill index
Minimum Application: New Purchase: Rs. 5,000, Additional Purchase: Rs. 1,000
Minimum SIP Investment Amount: Monthly SIP: Rs. 1,000, Quarterly SIP: Rs. 3,000/-

Investment Process

Shortlist companies
By analyzing public filings, quantitative screening, etc.

Fundamental Research
Involving the market, competitors, past financial information, etc.

Valuation Study
Internal estimates of intrinsic value are combined with historical data and peer evaluation.

Portfolio Construction
In accordance with corporate prudential standards and regulatory requirements.

Investment Objective

To provide prudent investments in debt and money market instruments with reasonable market-related returns, lower risk, and high liquidity.

Only "true" long-term investors should participate in this scheme. If you are an investor, though:

  • Who knows the dangers of seeking immediate gratification?
  • Whose definition of "long term" includes a minimum of five years.
  • When stock prices and valuations are low, who gets enthused rather than turned off.
  • Who see no distinction between buying a stock and a company.

Then, we strongly advise you to collaborate with us since this plan was created with you in mind.

We'll adhere to a straightforward (though not simplistic) investing procedure. Value investing may mean that we frequently buy companies that are going through a difficult phase and are therefore unloved because we won't just pay lip service to them. Because each of them will mature at a different time, there may be protracted periods when you feel as though "nothing is happening." Even though some people might find us uninteresting, we are adamant that we will never forgo caution in favor of excitement.

The fund managers will also try to benefit from different cognitive and emotional biases that firms and market participants exhibit. In other words, there will be a layer of the study of human emotions above the dissection of financial statistics. Additionally, because we are firm believers in the concept of compounding, we will only offer our investors the "Growth Option"—not the "Dividend Option."

It is common knowledge that in order to invest successfully, one must do so when others are scared and sell when others are greedy. However, because Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund is an open-ended strategy, your actions as investors will determine its capacity to invest during downturn markets. We will naturally be less able to make investments when values are attractive if investors go out when prices are low.

Since our program is an equity mutual fund, we cannot promise any returns. But we can guarantee that we'll handle your money sensibly in order to move you closer to achieving your long-term financial objectives.

Unique Features

  • Only businesses with low debt, high cash flows, investor-friendly management, etc. are included. The price of these must, above all else, be below their intrinsic value at the time of purchase. Join us if you want to add such businesses to your portfolio as well.
  • Consider a Swiss Army knife's carrying case. It is a versatile device with a number of tools. Similar to this, Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund has the freedom to invest in domestic and international businesses across all industries and market capitalizations.
  • investing 65% of the corpus in Indian stocks. Since it is allowed to invest in foreign stocks, it benefits from the same tax advantages as any other Indian equity mutual fund scheme.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr. Raj Mehta

Since January 2016, Mr. Raj Mehta has been in charge of the scheme's debt component. He oversees the Parag Parikh Liquid Fund as well. He has been conducting investing research for a total of more than six years. In 2012, he began working with PPFAS Asset Management Pvt Ltd as an intern. After that, he started working for the company in 2013 as a Research Analyst.

He holds a CFA Charter and is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He graduated in commerce from the University of Mumbai. He also holds a certificate for the NCFM-issued FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market module

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