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SBI Funds Management Ltd. (SBIFML), a fund management company with 30 years of extensive experience, shares its knowledge by continually providing investors with value. They come from a powerful and illustrious pedigree that includes the largest bank in India, the State Bank of India (SBI). One of the top fund management firms in the world, AMUNDI (France), and SBI joined to form SBIMF. SBI and AMUNDI Asset Management agreed to a shareholder agreement in this respect on April 13, 2011.

As a result, SBI presently owns 63% of SBIFMPL, while AMUNDI Asset Management owns 37% of it through a fully owned subsidiary called Amundi India Holding. The initial owner of this 37% stake was Societe Generale Asset Management S.A. ("SGAM"), a Societe Generale S.A. ("SG") subsidiary, which transferred its ownership to Amundi in June 2011 after receiving SEBI's proper clearance by the SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996. The Company will get strategic support from AMUNDI Asset Management. By implementing global best practices and upholding international standards, SBI and AMUNDI Asset Management will work together to establish the Company as an asset management firm of renown on a worldwide scale.

They put investors first. The goal has been to make mutual funds a popular investment choice for the general public in the nation. To do this, they have created cutting-edge, demand-specific products and informed investors about the advantages of participating in the capital markets through mutual funds. SBIMF actively manages its customers' assets through its knowledge of domestic mutual funds, offshore funds, and portfolio consulting services for institutional investors.

Investment Expertise

The brightest minds, their fund managers, developed the best investing ideas. Their fund managers and analysts prepare for new tough situations with a keen eye to watch, evaluate, and interpret market movements. Their strength is in their capacity to identify the development potential of Indian securities, manage intricate portfolios, and be driven to provide the best outcomes. The committed staff provides risk reduction while safeguarding the interests of its investors through superior security selection, astute research, and thorough coverage, including internal predictions, active monitoring, and frequent tracking. Always.

Fund Overview

By investing in a combination of debt and equity, SBI Equity Hybrid Fund seeks to offer investors chances for long-term capital appreciation with the liquidity of an open-ended scheme. The fund invests in a diverse portfolio of high-growth company stocks and manages risk by placing the remaining funds in fixed-income securities. SBI Equities Hybrid Fund makes a minimum of 65% of its investments in equity and securities connected to equity. The fund will always deploy assets between 20 and 35 percent to debt and money market securities.

Fund Snapshot

Fund Type Open-ended Hybrid Scheme
Fund Managers Mr. R. Srinivasan (Equity), Mr. Dinesh Ahuja (Debt), Mr. Mohit Jain
Inception Date


Benchmark CRISIL Hybrid 35+65 - Aggressive Index
Minimum Investment Amount Rs. 1000 & in multiples of Rs. 1
Additional Application Amount Rs. 1000 & in multiples of Rs. 1
Entry Load


Plans Available Regular & Direct
Options Growth, IDCW

Portfolio Classification By Industry Allocation

Financial Services


Sovereign 13.31


Automobile And Auto Components


Consumer Services 4.31
Chemicals 3.99
Information Technology




Telecommunication 3.33
Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels 3.06
Construction Materials 2.49
Construction 2.48
Metals & Mining 1.69
Capital Goods 1.42
Textiles 1.17
Power 0.79
Fast Moving Consumer Goods 0.67
Consumer Durables 0.46
Derivatives 0.05
Cash, Cash Equivalents And Others 12.44

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking:

  • Long term capital appreciation
  • investments with a focus on debt and money market instruments but exposure to equity and equity-related products as well.
Investors should speak with their financial advisors if they are unsure whether a product is right for them.

Investment Objective

By investing in a mix of debt and equity, to offer investors long-term capital appreciation together with the liquidity of an open-ended plan. However, there can be no guarantee that the scheme's investment goal will be realized. Please review the investment goal for each program.

Investment Philosophy

The professional and knowledgeable research team identifies stocks with high potential for future performance and produces in-depth analytical and educational studies on various industries. Innovation definition Innovation is transforming concepts into tangible strategies for long-term development. Through their cutting-edge products, carefully chosen stocks, and proactive portfolio management, SBIMF always aims to give their clients chances for progressive growth. As a result, SBIMF uses internal and external research to improve and optimize the stock selection and asset allocation.

Unique Feature

Optimal Risk Management
Any organization must have a risk management strategy. Each tactic is continually reviewed as one of the main focal areas. Regulatory bodies worldwide are putting more and more pressure on institutions to improve risk measurement and management. SBI Funds Management has an enterprise-wide approach to risk management with a committed, knowledgeable, and skilled risk management team encompassing key organizational activities.

Setting Benchmarks Time And Again. For The Investors
The goal is to make thoroughly studied investments in Indian stocks to outperform the benchmarks. This is accomplished by applying an active management approach based on fundamental research, which results in the creation of a portfolio. It may be blended, big-cap, mid-cap, or sector-specific, with the goal of maximizing the growth potential of Indian stocks.

Fund Manager Profiles

Mr. R. Srinivasan

R Srinivasan joined SBI Funds Management in May 2009 as a Senior Fund Manager; he is currently CIO-Equity and is responsible for managing several funds directly. He formerly served as the Head of Equity. He has 28 years of extensive industry expertise and has previously held positions at several top BFSI companies. Srinivasan holds a master's degree in finance from the University of Bombay and is a postgraduate in commerce.

Mr. Dinesh Ahuja

In 2010, Dinesh Ahuja joined SBIFM. Dinesh worked as a fund manager for L&T Investment Management and Reliance Group for four years before joining SBIFM. Dinesh began his career in 1998 as a sell-side fixed-income trader. After that, he worked for eight years for renowned brokerage firms until switching to the purchase side in 2006. Dinesh has a degree in commerce and received his master's in finance from Mumbai University.

Mr. Mohit Jain

In 2015, Mohit Jain joined SBIFM. Mohit was employed with CRISIL Limited as a Senior Research Analyst before joining SBIFM. He holds an engineering degree from Sathyabama University and has attained CFA level III certification from the CFA Institute in the United States.

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