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About Quant Group

In the middle of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, Quant Group was founded as a financial services platform. Its two basic yet effective guiding principles were "Being Relevant" and "Predictive Analytics." The guiding principle of "Being Relevant" states that in a dynamic and unstable environment, it is necessary to continually update information and innovate on systems and procedures to maintain and create prosperity. Predictive analytics, a comprehensive framework for comprehending and predicting markets across assets and locations, makes this possible.

Quant Global Research (qGR) developed the multi-dimensional VLRT framework and a powerful set of analytical indicators over the past ten years.

The Objective of Quant

Quant believes that data may be God via quantamental analysis. Advice is only given based on a comprehensive analysis. The only credible advice in our lexicon is quantifiable counsel. Investing in the right people and the proper technology is the key to providing actionable advice. In the end, analysis always adds up, and that's what our identity tells us.

The DNA of Quant

The quant Group DNA is a collection of values that describes who we are as a company, what we stand for, and what we hope to accomplish. It unites us as a family and influences how we communicate, whether with one another or with our clients, customers, or vendors in the outside world.

We frequently need to reaffirm, strengthen, and rededicate ourselves to these basics as we develop exponentially. Ultimately, an organization's DNA is nothing more than the totality of the values held by each of its constituent parts. Individual employees at Quant drive the business forward. This force will help our company reach new heights.

Fund Snapshot

Fund Type Quant Mid Cap
Fund Managers

Rochan Pattnayak (Equity), Vasav Sahgal (Equity),  Sanjeev Sharma (Debt)

Inception Date March 09, 2001
Benchmark NIFTY MID CAP 150 TRI
Minimum Investment Amount Rs. 100/- and multiple of Rs. 1/-
Total Expense Ratio(Regular) 2.48%
Total Expense Ratio(Direct) 0.57%
Entry Load NIL
Exit Load 1% if exit <= 1 Year
Standard Deviation 20.5%
Sharpe Ratio -0.22
Portfolio Turnover Ratio(1 Year) 2.43 Times
Fund Size 9.96 Crore

Stock Allocation

Godrej Agrovet Limited 8.93
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals


Vinati Organics 8.29
Bharti Airtel Limited


Dalmia Bharat Limited 7.52
Coromandel International 6.34
Cadila Healthcare 5.13
Bharat Electronics 4.98
Aarti Industries 4.26
Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals 4.07

This Product is suitable for investors who are seeking

  • To generate long-term capital appreciation.
  • Investment in mid-cap companies with growth potential.

Investment Objective

By investing in a portfolio of Mid Cap companies, the scheme's main investment goal is to generate capital appreciation and provide opportunities for long-term growth. The achievement of the Scheme's investment goal cannot be guaranteed.

Quant Investment Principles

Measurable is reliable
Discipline is more crucial than any other aspect of the investment process for financial success. We constantly provide better outcomes because of a robust set of in-house valuation, liquidity, risk indicators, and significant financial modeling.

Quantamental investing
Although quantifiable is trustworthy, we think models and indicators must fully reflect the economy and markets. Based on years of trading and investing expertise, a person's judgment is quite valuable. Our decision-making aims to achieve objectivity and subjectivity in harmony for the best results.

Multi-asset, multi-manager
We consider it essential to protect investment money. We take diversification to a new level by ensuring that each investment choice results from a concentrated conversation amongst investment managers with a wide set of skills and expertise, in addition to minimizing risk by investing across asset classes.

Money flows from one asset class to another
A measure of human labor, money is a type of economic energy. A dynamic collection of ideas continually drive change as the world changes. With these innovative concepts, money rises and flows. The most reliable and constant way to create wealth is to identify them and the specific assets that profit from them.

Timing is everything
Time is a crucial investment component in our approach since the three variables of valuation, liquidity, and risk interact and change in cycles across various periods. Only by sanely identifying the extremes can an alpha generation be optimized.

Predictive Analysis and Actionable Indicators

Players' skills and hunger mostly influence market movements. To combat this, we at qGR monitor several in-house indicators that gauge market mood from several angles. Numerous of these signs allow us to determine how players are positioned and how they respond to a specific event by indicating extreme euphoria or dread.

Using these indications to analyze investor behavior, we may spot instances when players act irrationally, make foolish judgments, or display symptoms of excitement or paranoia. To build tools and approaches and translate them into indicators that successfully detect cross-asset and cross-market inflection points, qGR objectively adheres to this paradigm.

In the complicated investing environment, qGR predictive analytics indicators help find inflection points and opportunities. They offer clarity at trying times when there are many unanswered uncertainties, including political and event risks.

Fund Manager Profile

Mr. Rochan Pattnayak

Mr. Rochan Pattnayak is an expert in C-Suite investment management with a history in:

  • The best capital market research covers global markets (US & UK ECM), industry sectors, market capitalization, and asset classes.
  • Leadership and teamwork across organizations in various regions
  • Putting in place a framework for data-driven research across asset classes and managing relationships with international data vendors
  • Take the lead in MIS implementation, research methodology, P&L management, and new business initiative leadership.

Building high-performing cross-functional teams, managing a team of ETF portfolio managers and the ETF capital market's function, and managing a team of investment research analysts on more than 200 listed stocks are some of the core accomplishments. Education includes an MBA from the esteemed Indian School of Business and certificates in Advanced M&A and Strategic Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School. Certifications for EDP from Stanford GSB.

Mr. Vasav Sahgal

Vasav is one of the top-rated money managers in the mutual fund industry and among the youngest and most energetic. He began his career with the Quant Group as an investment analyst for equities and fixed-income products after passing the first three levels of the CFA program. He is largely in charge of credit research and equities asset allocation daily.

Vasav has a flair for utilizing code to create models, and he has implemented advanced data analytics in Python for better valuation analyses. Vasav is the personification of our strategy—Adaptive Asset Allocation—given his position. Vasav likes playing the drums and reading many financial books in his free time.

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma

Sanjeev brings a rich and diverse experience in the Capital Markets over 15 years to his role as a Money Manager. He has obtained an M.Com, PG Diploma in Business Administration (Finance), and Certified Treasury Manager (Forex & Risk Management). He has been associated with various schemes of quant mutual funds since 2005.

Sanjeev specializes in credit risk analysis and monitors and assesses investment opportunities across asset classes. He deeply understands macroeconomic policies and their impact on the credit markets. Over the years, Sanjeev has built formidable relationships with key treasurers in the industry. Sanjeev enjoys reading, listening to music, and traveling in his spare time.

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